We bring innovation and creativity through customized process design, specific methodology and applications for:

Recycled Fibre & Deinking Lines
Water Treatment Plants
Rejects Handling Systems

From start to finish, each project maintains a focus on Energy Efficiency, Minimizing Water Consumption, Environmental Performance and Quality Improvement.


Assess & Strategize

Recognizing that each plant and its requirements are unique, we assess the current situation and develop a strategy.  We assemble a team of
engineers based on your needs.

On-site Project Management

Our team comes to you to manage the project from start to finish, allowing for a streamlined process resulting in greater accuracy, efficiency, lower overhead costs, and faster problem resolution.

Source & Design

We source or design equipment in order to maximize productivity, energy efficiency and quality, while minimizing water consumption and the use of spare parts.

Reuse & Repurpose

To ensure the best functionality and price, we reuse and repurpose existing machinery and technology wherever possible, carefully sourcing new equipment from our extensive network of global suppliers.

Global to Local

A network of international experts who speak your language and are
familiar with your geographic area is at our fingertips – so we can minimize travel costs and maximize cultural understanding.


We recognize the importance of keeping your valuable technology, brand and product strategies under wraps. We use our extensive experience in the industry to your advantage while keeping your information confidential.